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Become Ambassador of The Kneeling Chairs!

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Create new kneeling chair lovers with us!

Hi! I am Nazar, the owner of Vilno. 

Today here at VILNO we are looking for YouTube brand ambassadors & influencers for our ergonomic kneeling chairs. Here at VILNO, we designed a Kneeling Chair that relieves the pressure in the lower back and strengthens the core while working.


- UK- or US-based channel

- 500+ subscribers

- 1,000 - 5,000 views per video

- Health / Medicine / Chiropractic / Yoga / Furniture / Office / Design / Product-Review theme channel and other.

What You can expect?

Earn 15% commission of each order.
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We also work with ShareASale!

For sure, we will provide you with a 100% free Nobel Kneeling Chair & delivery in exchange for a video review. 

Examples of videos:

YouTube Influencers Needed

Fill out the form below and our Media Relations Specialist will contact you ASAP.