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Become Ambassador of The Kneeling Chairs!

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Frequently asked questions

The idea of our brand is to share love to the kneeling chair and promote good back feeling.
If you can do that and want to earn some profit from it - you're welcome to join us!

You'll receive 50% discount code for the chair & after 5 sales generated from you, we will provide a refund for the chair.

We use unique discount codes that belongs only you (actually, you create them by yourself).
Each week we send you report that shows how many times your code was used.
Than we pay 20% commission to your PayPal account.

AOV is $300. So on average you'll receive $60 from each order generated by your code.

Yes. if needed by you.

We are glad that you are so interested in our affiliate program!
Please feel free to contact us at: