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FootRester™ | 3-in-1 Under Desk Foot Relief | by VILNO

Adjustable VILNO Footrest & Footstool with Massage Rollers and Memory Foam Pillow - designed in Germany by Ukrainians.

The Solution

The FootRester is the solution to a common problem faced by office workers, gamers, and anyone who spends hours sitting in front of a computer. We all know the discomfort and pain from prolonged sitting, often leading to backaches, tension, and fatigue. This is bad.

✅ Pain Relief for Your Legs & Back
✅ Relaxation with a Foot Massage
✅ Ergonomic Foot Support to Prevent Slouching 

The Result: You’ll have a pain-free sitting experience with FootRester™.

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The FootRester™ is a revolutionary under-desk combination of the footrest, footstool, foot pillow, and massage rollers designed to transform your sitting experience.:

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