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Active Sitting Benefits

Blog by Olivia Patt

active sitting rocking kneeling chair

Modified chairs or stability balls may be used to keep the body active while seated. Its purpose is to activate some of your muscles while sitting on a chair, such as your back, abdominals, and legs. As a result, active sitting allows you to make subtle movements to keep some of your muscle groups working instead of sitting immobile all day at work.

Active sitting almost seems like a buzzword coined to keep exhausted office workers awake during lengthy, tedious meetings. Keep moving to keep your mind fresh and attentive when you're seated! In actuality, that is far from the case. The fact about active sitting is that it's a manner of sitting that encourages you to use your core muscles far more frequently than you would in an office chair. Your core, as the name implies, is the most critical section of your body. Your core muscles are composed of muscles in your back, sides, abdomen, and chest that work together to maintain your body. Most of those muscles don't have to operate while sitting down. When you lean on the back of a chair, your posture is restricted to adhere to the chair's shape. That is why you should invest in an ergonomic office chair to minimize injury to your spine as a result of improper posture.

Your body relies on a handful of muscles and tendons to keep it in place while maintaining one position. Others relax, which might weaken them over time. Active sitting distributes the load over numerous core muscles and tendons rather than relying on just a few. It aids in the maintenance of a healthy spine.

Benefits of active sitting:

1. Avoid Prolonged Sitting

The health concerns associated with "prolonged sitting" have been well investigated. When we sit, we should avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time and alternate standing, stretching or taking a short stroll. Every movement aids in activating or "jump-starting" vital physiological organs.

2. Keeps You Moving

When using a sit-stand or standing workstation, active seating options allow us to sit less and move more. They make it challenging for us to stay in one place, making it easy to move on to the next. "Your next position is your best position," according to health experts, so when we do sit, we can move more readily and often.

3. Engage Core Muscles

Active seating differs from a traditional desk or task chair in that it encourages frequent movement, which works the core muscles. They also allow your hips to lean forward slightly, bringing your back into better alignment and avoiding the possibility of back slumping.

4. Increase Productivity

Additionally, these ergonomic kneeling sitting arrangements boost productivity. Improved attention and reduced physical strain will aid in the development of a more positive attitude, which will assist in completing your tasks. It also helps maintain a healthy spine, improve posture, increase blood flow, boosts attention, and burn calories.

Chair that helps to sit actively

Kneeling Chairs

A kneeling chair is a posture chair that allows you to sit in various postures, depending on your degree of comfort. Kneeling chairs will enable you to do more than just kneel. There is still room for your bottom to rest, and some chairs include back support that you may use if you need to take a break. Because there are so many different kneeling chairs to choose from, you may find one that best matches your sitting style and physique. You can sit in several positions. 

Some individuals like to sit with their stomachs against their backs, others prefer to sit with their feet on the "kneeling" region, and others like the more typical "kneeling posture with their knees in front." Kneeling chairs are contemporary, attractive, and comfy. They have an extensive range of motion and are small enough to fit under most desks and tables. Switching to a rocking, swiveling kneeling chair is a terrific method to promote more exercise, as thousands of users will confirm. This is why: It reduces pressure on your body by breaking you out of static positions that slow you down. It keeps you from sitting stationary for lengthy periods.

One seat is inclined forwards to balance the pelvis, and hence the spine, in a balanced natural posture with an open hip angle, according to the design. Because the legs adopt varied postures, the knee pads on decent kneeling chairs are not always required, but the shin pads can prevent the body from slipping forward. Your postural muscles are encouraged to properly align your back, shoulders, and neck in this 'kneeling' position. Kneeling chairs with a swaying seat provide diversity and are ideal for extended use.

How does a rocking kneeling chair help to sit actively?

Active sitting may take numerous shapes, and there are office chairs that can help you reach this goal. Kneeling chairs that rock encourage blood flow, keep muscles active and discourage you from sitting in a static position for too long. Because we are all unique and do a range of duties at various workplaces, there will never be a single ideal chair for everyone. Moving regularly is beneficial to your health, according to health experts. Switching to a rocking, swiveling kneeling chair is a terrific method to promote more exercise, as thousands of users will confirm. 

This is why: It reduces strain on your body and stops you from sitting stationary for lengthy periods by breaking you out of static positions that slow your body down. Sitting motionless lowers the metabolism, making it more difficult for the body to manage blood sugar and burn down fat. It's a good idea to introduce a rocking kneeling chair as a seating alternative in the office to encourage greater mobility. Rocking kneeling chairs foster 'active sitting,' which stimulates increased core activity in various settings. After acclimation, most individuals can sit in rocking kneeling chairs all day. Static kneeling chairs, on the other hand, do not stimulate the user and are best used for short-term work. 

Rocking kneeling chairs are great for computer work and other tasks that would typically keep you stationary, as well as activity that requires you to lean forward, like scribbling or drawing. You may also add a desk slope to these. To have a decent setup and stimulate mobility, your kneeling chair, like other chairs, must function well with your other working furniture and equipment. A proper rocking kneeling chair is built to last, with adjustments for varied builds and surfaces and swivel and wheels for mobility. It gives you the necessary changes and movement possibilities to keep you active all day - with frequent rests, of course.