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Avoid Prolonged Sitting. 
With STAYDAY™ you can easily change the position from sitting to staying.

Our bodies want to move. From sitting to staying!

First of all, standing desk converter provide you with a healthy movement from sitting to staying.

Standing desk are expensive, so we designed the best solution!

Transform every desk into a standing desk!

Enjoy many health benefits and increase your creativity and productivity

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We designed this standing desk to promote a good back feeling and to be the most suitable standing desk converter for You!

Stop sitting all day and improve your health by changing your positions. 

Standing desks are proven to boost productivity by 46%. 

For this reason, increasing numbers of people are now opting to work whilst standing, so that they can be successful in their careers without compromising on their health and wellness.

Convenient to use in offices, home studio.

It features 6 levels of adjustment so your computer can be set at different heights. What’s more, you can fit the mouse and keyboard on the tray.

FAQ. All answers are here.

Sitting too much is really bad for your health. This is evident from various national and international studies. 

Because if you sit for too long you hardly use your muscles and it impedes the circulation in your legs and arms. Sitting for too long can eventually cause complaints to your muscles, bones and tissue.
Think of a stiff neck, problems with your shoulders and arms, repetitive strain injuries or back problems.

By sitting still sugars and fats are also less well absorbed by your body than when you move. This can lead to serious health problems. Even type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's have been linked to sitting too much.

The STAYDAY™ is intended for anyone who often works sitting behind a computer. Woman, man, child, student, full-time, part-time, self-employed person…

Anyone who would like to live and work more actively and healthily can make use of a STAYDAY™.

Certainly! The STAYDAY™ can be placed anywhere and turns any table into a standing desk. Most of our customers are business users.

Our advice: vary a lot!
Start with 15 minutes per hour. You can expand this later when you are used to it.
But above all, we want you to do what feels good.
Everyone is different and you feel best what is good for you. Did we mention that we are for a lot of variety?😏

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