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We sit all day. That's why we care!

Thank you for being so interested in our story!

Our story began in 2019. We two young brothers (18 and 19 years old) decided to be an entrepreneur. The main idea was to create something to help people with some problems.

Covid began, and we were broken because no idea came up. How can we help people in that terrible situation? We are not doctors or something. 

So, God blessed us with the idea that Covid-19 changed the way how all people work. As authorities asked people to stay home, many of us turned a corner of our own space into an office, a trend that will likely continue and become a silver lining of this worldwide health crisis.

We all used to work from the home office, on the kitchen chair or terrible old office chair.

That was the idea! Find the perfect chair for the home office that can be helpful with back pain and neck discomfort. 

The kneeling chair is meant to reduce lower back strain by dividing the burden of one's weight between the shins and the buttocks. People with coccyx or tailbone pain resulting from significant hours in a sitting position (e.g., office desk jobs) are common candidates for such chairs.

Currently, in 2022 we received over 3000+ positive reviews, improved our chairs, and set up production with all certifications. 

We found a way to create an ideal chair with big pads and a perfect rocking function. You should try our chair! Don't like it? - return easily.